How we find the best virtual global assistant for you 

Our experienced recruitment Team will handle the whole hiring process from sourcing, screening, post job ads, reviewing applications, background test, interviewing, and the final paperwork. All you have to do is to be ready. If you want to DO the interview on your own, we provide you with suggestions all throughout the process. Our search is based directly on what you tell us you are looking for.  

Step 1: Sign up: Buy the VGA Service and start the process. Make the decision if you want our team to interview potential candidates. We will send you a link for you to schedule a call with our account manager to discuss your needs and tasks.    

Step 2: Discovery Call: Prior to the call we will send you a form to fill out, it will give us basic information ABOUT your business, budget for your VGA, and other general information. This way we can be better prepared and focus on your needs. The Discovery Call is about WHAT you are looking for.  

Step 3: Sourcing: Based off your needs, our experienced Recruitment Team will start the Hiring Process: sourcing, vetting, background check, and online test only to find the BEST VGA for you. Our 3-week sourcing process will have you ready to interview candidates that have made it to our final qualifying process AND  We will send you weekly updates about the progress.

Step 4: Interview: Only if you want our Recruitment Team to interview the potential candidates. Our skilled team will set up and interview the potential candidates, make a report and send you the recordings, so you can pick the BEST VGA based off of the interview, report, and the recordings. If you are interviewing, we will send you the potential candidates and provide you with material so you can feel comfortable interviewing and ask the right questions.  Sign up for our interview services if you would like our team to handle, organize, plan, and execute the entire interview process for you, both pre-planning and post-follow-up. 

Step 5: Hiring: At this point, you are ready to get started. We will help with the onboarding process, so you are all set and ready to build your relationship with your new Virtual Global Assistant. Congratulations! You are now ready to free up your schedule and start delegating tasks to your new virtual assistants.