Virtual Assistant Program 

Whether you are just starting your business, or you already have an established business but need extra help with the daily tasks, we are here to help you.  

We are now offering a Virtual Global Assistant Program (VGA) to assist you in your online business journey. You can pick 10 hours, 20 hours or 30 hours based on your needs and you can purchase more hours if needed anytime you want.  

Once you purchase the hours, our team will contact you to go over the tasks you need help with. We will send you an update weekly on the hours spent on each project.  

Pick the hours you need and let your Virtual Global Assistant free you up for extra hours of productivity leaving you free to focus on what matters.  

Our assistants are specializing in handling a wide variety of tasks:  

Content Marketing 
Personal Tasks 
Social Media

You don’t see what you are looking for? Get in touch and we will be happy to help.